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A New Baby Has Been Born!

Finally, my long awaited, arduously crafted book is published and the first copies just arrived at my door to overwhelm me. ”Patterns of t

Three Pillars of a Culture of Innovation

As people are adjusting to the winds of populism and anti-globalization that currently are blowing in so many countries a fundamental shift towards

Inside the #1 most radically environmentally aware company of the world

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg invites Rick on stage and introduces him by saying: “Listen to this man because your sons and

Will the United States ever grow up?

Clotaire Rapaille, anthropologist and marketing guru, has pointed out that the cultural code of United States is that of adolescence. Some of t

The new organizational order

Consider these four cases: Case 1: Outdoor activist and the founder of an incredibly successful outdoor clothing company Patagonia, Yvon

Countries of the future

Readers familiar with my thinking know that I see the world in patterns. Societies develop in dynamic waves, moving to the next level when the tim

Brexit and the long-term consequences of action

For five hundred years, the civilization in Atlantic Europe dominated the world. What started with Columbus’ quest for a new passage to India

Those Urban Dreams

Cities are places for people to work, live and dream. In a city environment however, we tend to forget that we are part of nature. We don’t think

Future IS trust

I find Amsterdam the most comforting city in the world. It’s a convivial meeting place of people from all corners of the world and life. Bicycles

Watering down our future?

When a small town mayor meets another for dinner at his home there should be nothing to report. Unless, of course, they happen to be two mayors in

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