My philosophy is very simple and consists of three postulates:

  1. Though we easily feel suppressed by conditions that outer world seem to dictate to us, there are always alternatives. We just need to do the effort to chart those alternatives and choose the one that fits to the service we want to offer the world. This applies to organisational as well as personal life.
  2. The greatest sin in life is to waste it by doing wrong things and by not using your inner talents and resources. This sin is performed particularly well if you seek only for your own good in terms of money and fame. But you can also execute this sin well by being lazy and lying on your sofa too long just watching TV. Companies can do it too, by resting on their laurels.
  3. Gandhi said: be the change you want to see in the world. If you want to see the world to be a kinder place for kids, for poor or for people that are suppressed in various parts of the world because of the unwillingness to have democratic rights, then you have to act on these issues. What can your company do for poverty eradication?

Markku Wilenius