Monthly Archives: May 2014

Clean is Our Future

Yesterday I was talking in a seminar about cleantech, organized by Sirpa Pietikäinen, who has been fighting for resource efficiency issues for years

Where the Mind Breaks: The Rise of the Inner

Yesterday I worked a full afternoon with a group of people in health sector. We looked closer to their challenges. It all crystallized to t

The Coming World of Surprise

Even if I praise professionally the epistolary of anticipation, let’s face the fact: our world is also made of surprises, some of them negative, som

Sharing all that? The Future of Leadership

Sharing economy is already with us.  New businesses and services sprout around sharing computing power, cars, houses and so on. This is part of t


My teacher in the gardening school I attended in the 1980’s used to astonish his students by pointing out that 97% of a cucumber consists of water.

The Rise of the Eastern Sun

A week ago the new CEO of Nokia was announced. Not surprisingly, he was Rajeev Suri, an Indian and cosmopolitan,  man who has already given 20 years

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