Monthly Archives: November 2012

No new economy -but second economy

There was a time, not long ago, when the new flashy thing was the “new economy”. Nobody talks about it anymore. Now something new IS coming

The New Future of Nokia

I always remember reading the article from Fortune journalist who journeyed  to Finland in 1999 to explore the “secret code of Nokia”. In t

How to save resources and make money

You know what is our biggest challenge? No, not the greedy bankers. Not even environmental pollution. It is the low level of use of our resources.

Food is the future

  Here in affluent societies with grocery stores full of food we might not understand how in some poorer countries the situation as

How Queen of Internet sees the future

Mary Meeker is known to be extremely sensitive in understanding the future. Already from mid 1990’s, working in Morgan Stanley as financial analyst,

A banker who decided to stand out

On Friday I visited Stanford bookstore, which is a awesome place for a book lover. One of the books that sticked to me was was by the man named Greg

Service with smile

Today I went do some shopping here in Palo Alto, California, where I landed some days ago. As always, I wanted hit the best grocery store around,

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