Professor of Futures Studies

I was recruited to Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC) in 1996, at the time an auxiliary unit of Turku School of Economics. In 1999 I was appointed as director of the FFRC. In 2004 I was nominated the professorship of futures studies at the Turku School of Economics. In 2010 the professorship was shifted into University of Turku. › – Markku Wilenius ›

Senior Advisor of Allianz SE

In the spring of 2007 I was approached by Allianz, world´s largest property & casualty insurance company based in Munich, Germany. I joined Allianz by the end of the year, and began to lead their team of strategic research and development, a part of Group Development. As from January 2009, I was appointed to be the head of Allianz trend assessment & strategy unit. Since December 2009 I have worked for Allianz in special strategic projects as a Senior Adviser.

Thinking ahead: Futures researcher Markku Wilenius ›
“Using our tradition to meet the challenges of tomorrow” ›

Owner in four companies


Partner of a start-up company

Fibertus LTD is newly founded start-up company that aims to revolutionize packaging and insulation industry. This is done by developing a novel technique that uses natural wood fibers to create products that can replace oil-based synthetic products, such as styrox. The technique is now on the piloting phase. The first products will be launched to the market by 2012. ›

Member of the Club of Rome

I was nominated a member of The Club of Rome in 2002. I have also acted as a chair of its Finnish association. The Club of Rome is the most prestigious non-governmental organization of our times. Ever since it’s nominal report “Limits to Growth” in 1972, the Club has acted as a global think tank dedicated to explore the conditions and future of global system. It has no more than 100 active members.

The Club of Rome ›

Markku Wilenius

President of three foundations

A group of experts founded Woima in 2006. I am the chair of the board. Woima-foundation fosters actives of building new cultural and social initiatives to bring up the best of Finland’s cultural heritage. The key element is our close connection to nature, which should serve as a source of inspiration for building Finland a new model of a society that builds it´s development on the basis of harmonious relationship with nature. Woima wants particularly support the new generation to take lead and action in building more sustainable model for societal development. ›

Walter Ahlström foundation
The foundation is one of the oldest in Finland. It was established in 1924 by one of the greatest industrialist in Finland, Walter Ahlström, who was CEO of Ahlström Industries in the first decades of 20th century. I was appointed as a chair in 2008. Foundation is dedicated to support students in technical universities in their postgraduate studies. The particular mission of the Walter Ahlström foundation is to ensure that the future competitiveness of Finnish industries is based on solid technical expertise. ›

Runar Bäckström foundation
The Bäckström foundation is dedicated to support Finnish inventions. It grants yearly financial support for innovators, whose ideas have a great commercial potential. As the future of any nation is increasingly built on innovative capacity of its inhabitants, this foundation wants to help new ideas to materialize in a form that helps to create new wealth for Finland. I was appointed as a chair of foundation in 2009. ›