Monthly Archives: April 2014

Forest and the Future

This is the time of the year when forest comes alive. New leaves and needles are formed, gardeners are busy with their pruning of the trees. T

Over to the Other Side of State

Couple of years ago I ran a value survey here in Finland together with some partners. We asked, among other things, what are  the key values they

East On West: Asia, Culture and the Future

Yesterday I had a talk for paper and forest industry people, painting the picture about how this, I would say almost ancient skill of work wit

Future is Written in the Stars

Today an interviewer from the media asked me “what do you think about bitcoin?”. I said that it follows the well-tested pattern: if there ar

Breathing up with the Planet

Charles David Keeling was a young curious scientist from California. In the early 1950’s he started to build devices that could track the exact

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