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Future doesn’t exist, or does it?

Yesterday, I had an engaging conversation with a group of city leaders of one of the major cities in Finland. Our topic was how to build a

Back and Forth to the Woods

Flying to my hometown Helsinki from abroad gives always the same views. First comes water, a lot of water, then comes the islands, the great

Future & Values and Donald Trump

I just returned from New York. Opening up any TV-channel or reading any newspaper all you see or hear is one word: Trump. Or two: Donald Trump.

Is Our Future of Black Swans or Risk Perception?

Finland’s most respected economist, MIT professor Bengt Holmström recently stated that no one, even Janet Yellen or Mario Draghi knows right now

The Language of the Future?

It has been a while since I last wrote my blog. There was a reason for it. My winter went on, apart from normal duties, writing a book for

Atmosphere of Hope

This is the title of a recent book written by world renowned scientist, explorer and climate activist Tim Flannery. There he reminded us of

In the Garage of Mr. G.

  That building I went into looked like any other building. Turns out it was a laboratory. Dr. Arjomand greeted me and started to show m

Future Fit course

Together with my colleague and friend Chris Evatt we are arranging Future Fit course together with Finnish family business association

Country as a Paradox

Yesterday I and Sofi visited two great achievements of Californian pioneering spirit. Singularity University was founded by two extraordinary

The New Wave of Organizations

Yesterday I visited together with my colleague Sofi Kurki one of the most remarkable company in the world, global outdoor clothing  brand

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