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Speaking at UCL Institute

Here is my presentation from June 2015, talking in University College of London, at the Institute for Sustainable Resources on Sixth wave and smart

Revolution and its enemies

The questionable advantage of living in Finland these days is materialized in the ways our country struggles to make way for new socio-economic era.

Tulevaisuuskirja is out!

Exceptionally my blog will be written this time in Finnish, the reason being that I am talking about the my freshly published Finnish book. I am

A Company without management

Can you imagine running a sizable company without management? Can you imagine this is not fancy software company but a company producing half of US

Futures, systems and limits to thinking

Here in California, where I currently visit, incredible drought has attacked this otherwise flourishing state. Everywhere you drive you see visib

The dilemma of doing foresight

Last week I participated in the Club of Rome member meeting in Switzerland. As always, we talked about what was going to happen next. A brilliant

Why do we fail to see the future?

Recently I came across with an op-ed article in a newspaper, where a distinguished journalist told about exercise he partook in the early years of

2015 and Russian Catapult

New year’s eve a year ago: none of us could foresee where we stand with Russia after a year. The escalation of the kind of politics we all thought

The Future of Foresight

Last Thursday and Friday  was an exceptional gathering of foresight experts around the world in Brussels to talk about the methods to penetrate t

Digital Becomes Material

Imagine: one day it occurs to you that why on Earth these rubbish bins are always full? And why these trucks come to pick the trash even thoug

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