Monthly Archives: January 2013

What is most important to business is least important to analyst

These days Nokia is a lot in the media. There is a guesswork an confusion going on what is happening with our former flagship, reflected also in t

Tolerate, be human and do good

Yesterday evening gathered a rather interesting group of 20 people in beautiful Villa Svalvik by the sea in eastern Helsinki managed by Woima

Our report

Dear All, thanks for all the interest you have shown to our report “Surfing the Sixth Wave: Exploring the next 40 years of global change”I announced

The Next 40 years

I am happy to announce that a new publication is out: “Surfing the Sixth Wave: Exploring the next 40 years of global change”. It is a fruit of

Kone and the Future

In the last post I did some comparison between Kone and Nokia. In yesterday’s “Talouselämä” the major owner and the chair of board Antti Herlin

The Past is the Future? Nokia Way

Around 20 years ago there were two old and great finnish companies that were  in a miserable state. The first one of them, Kone, had great

How is your future?

As the new year begins, it is certainly good time to orientate towards the future. A lot of promises have been made under last days. However,

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